Vanderlande selected to supply BHS for Copenhagen Airport’s T3 expansion

Vanderlande has been selected to supply a baggage handling system (BHS) for the Terminal 3 expansion project at Copenhagen Airport. The airport is currently remodelling its busiest terminal in order to handle long-term passenger growth.

More than 60,000 square meters will be added to the existing terminal, and the reclaim hall will be connected to the existing terminal as well, allowing passengers to reach the metro station faster. The project was launched before COVID, and the pandemic affected the time schedule of the execution which is now expected to be finished in 2027.

Vanderlande will provide a new arrival and transfer BHS to expand the terminal’s existing system. Eight standard bag inputs, one odd-size transfer screening system and five TRIPLANAR reclaim carousels are to be installed, along with an extra 2.5 km of conveyor belts. The upgraded BHS will also be integrated with Vanderlande’s SCADA and VIBES software solutions.

Copenhagen Airport currently handles around 26 million passengers every year, and is the fourth busiest in northern Europe, as well as the main hub for Scandinavian Airlines. Expanding Terminal 3 will help prepare the airport to handle a rising number of passengers in the future.

“It is a major milestone that we have now found a supplier for the baggage facility,” says Samuel í Hjøllum Rude, Copenhagen Airport’s Senior Director for Baggage Services. “Choosing Vanderlande ensures that we get a high-quality system that fits into the existing supplier landscape and have the opportunity to build on our partnership.”

“We have been working with Copenhagen Airport for more than five years, and have established a relationship based on trust and professional cooperation,” adds Patrick Verhoeven, Vanderlande’s Managing Director for Airports. “We are delighted to be undertaking such a large and important project, which is integral to the airport’s long-term future and passenger offering.”