Vanderlande sells first ADAPTO system in The Netherlands

January 14, 2016
Fashion , Warehousing

Veghel, 14 January 2016 – Vanderlande has sold its seventh ADAPTO warehouse system, and the first one in The Netherlands, to Van der Helm – Hudig. The company is a third-party logistics provider with several depots in The Netherlands and Brazil.

From its distribution centre in Moerdijk (located between the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp), Van der Helm – Hudig delivers apparel and footwear to the European market. To facilitate future growth, the company needed an innovative system capable of efficiently picking, sequencing and packing of a wide variety of products in B2B and B2C scenarios. Vanderlande’s ADAPTO was the preferred option to meet this change in demand.
This is a highly flexible storage, retrieval and transportation system. It provides unrivalled scalability and availability, and will enable Van der Helm – Hudig to maximise its customer service levels. It makes optimal use of available space in warehouses and allows easy access to products at all times.

The ADAPTO system is scheduled for handover at the Moerdijk site in December 2016, and will consist of 21 shuttles, six lifts and more than 20,000 storage locations. This guarantees high throughput rates and will not be affected by lift or shuttle unavailability due to the way in which each shuttle can reach every location and picking station in the system. In addition, Vanderlande’s warehouse control system (WCS) software has been selected to ensure product totes arrive in the correct sequence at the pick station.

“We are convinced of the strength and flexibility of the ADAPTO system,” says Van der Helm – Hudig’s CEO, Mr. Richard van der Helm. “Having such state-of-the-art technology in-house will be an invaluable sales tool, as we look to extend our business to other fashion suppliers.”

Vanderlande’s MD, Tjarko Bouman adds: “Organisations are increasingly adopting our ADAPTO concept across many segments. We are proud that a customer such as Van der Helm values our solutions and partnership. This will help them to improve their customer service and remain ahead of the competition.”