Vanderlande wins NVSM Innovation Award 2014 with study virtual reality for training and service

April 16, 2014
Life-cycle services

Veghel – Wednesday 16 April 2014 Vanderlande was awarded the Innovation Award 2014 at the congress of NVSM, the Dutch Association for Service Management, in Eindhoven.

The Innovation Award is granted to a company that has achieved a remarkable improvement or innovation in the services business. Vanderlande was nominated because of the pro-active research in the field of virtual reality with regard to service and product development. This was done in close cooperation with Fontys University of Applied Sciences Eindhoven. This cooperation resulted in a virtual version of the ergonomic order picking workstation PICK@EASE in the 3D cave at Fontys. The complete product is virtual; buttons, displays and arriving and departing of product totes; all is shown in virtual reality. Several order picking instructions have been implemented so a person can actually experience and learn the working of the workstation without having the real product available. This technology can be used for a.o. training of operators, service product review and product development. 

After a short movie and an elevator pitch of the three nominees the 150 service managers present at the conference voted for the best service innovation. Vanderlande got the majority of the votes and was granted the NVSM Innovation Award 2014. 

As an international and growing company Vanderlande always wants to be innovative and investigating new technologies. The company pro-actively cooperates with schools and universities, e.g. with the minor Virtual Reality at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. 

The 3D cave at Fontys is 3 metres long, 3 metres wide and 3 metres high. In this room a 3D product is projected that can be operated real-time by, for example, an operator or service engineer. Several situations can be practiced real-time. Vanderlande implemented PICK@EASE in this 3D cave. Besides training opportunities Vanderlande also investigates the application of product development in combination with the 3D cave. This means that you can study the effects of planned adjustments to the product like capacity, interface, interaction and ergonomics in the 3D cave in advance before a final decision is taken. 

The development of the virtual PICK@EASE is a study to see how we can implement this new technology within Vanderlande. The company recognizes the potential of virtual reality and plans are to continue investigating the use of it for processes and product development. 

See the screenshot on this page for an impression or follow this link for a short video with an interview (Dutch only) and impression of this technology.