Vanderlande’s SCANNOJET ideal for Tallinn Airport

Tallinn Airport has selected Vanderlande’s latest generation of SCANNOJET passenger checkpoints for its new security screening area.


Vanderlande was preselected for the contract based on its reputation and experience as a systems integrator. During a highly competitive bidding and evaluation process, the company was chosen for its most cost-effective solution.

All five SCANNOJET lanes have been designed according to the latest insights and field experience. The lanes will be equipped with either three or four parallel divestment stations, each with indicator lights to guide passengers in an intuitive manner.

Each divestment station is configured in such a way that people can use two trays beside each other, while divesting their belongings. This feature guarantees a constant flow of passengers and provides peace of mind for travellers. In addition, operators will keep a good overview of the complete divestment process.

Space constraints were one of the most challenging parameters at the airport. Through the additional integration of the spacing conveyor module, the lane footprints were significantly reduced while safeguarding high passenger flows.

To reduce manual tray handling to a minimum – and optimise staff requirements – all lanes will be equipped with an ‘empty tray recognition system’ for automatic tray stacking and returns. Due to SCANNOJET’s design, the proposed system is modular, upgradeable and easy to move. This will help to facilitate the installation on site.

Vanderlande will also deliver integrated remote screening software supplied by Optosecurity. The screening machines will be provided by Smiths Heimann. Vanderlande will assume responsibility for the total integration of the project.

Delivery is expected to be completed by the end of June 2017.