ParcelInnovative systems

Rapid order fulfillment, shorter processing times, higher delivery frequencies and increased analysis of the cost-per-item handled, all demand optimum levels of flexibility and logistical performance. Proven in advanced parcel hubs around the world, Vanderlande’s automated systems are designed to improve and increase the performance of its customers’ processes.

Vanderlande focuses on the entire sortation process – starting with the unloading of parcels – which means that it offers a complete range of telescopic conveyors. The next step is sortation, with state-of-the-art line and loop sorters available. The most appropriate sorter depends on such factors as: the characteristics of the products being handled; the shape and layout of the facility; and the peak and average volumes required.

After sorting, parcels are ready for loading at the outgoing docks and onward transportation to their final destination. Vanderlande’s extendable conveyors can be used for ergonomic and efficient vehicle loading.

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