At the outgoing docks, the flow of parcels, pallets, cages and irregular goods come together. These are then consolidated to match the various types of departing vehicles. For example, documents will be collected directly in totes or bags.
Larger line haul trucks can be used for loose-loaded parcels, with telescopic belt conveyors or telescopic roller conveyors. When the extendable conveyors are not pulled out, access is provided for pallets, cages and irregular products.
Regional traffic and delivery vans are manually loaded in a first-in, last-out sequence, so that drivers can easily reach the required products at the appropriate delivery address. Cages and containers can also be loaded manually, which is most common, or alternatively they can be loaded automatically.

Cascade buffer chute

During the process of loading vehicles that handle the delivery of shipments in the last mile, many shipping companies struggle with the layouts of small depots. In particular, the number of docking positions is often too small to position all delivery vans. The solution is to have two or more waves of departing vehicles.

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Telescopic belt and roller conveyors

The telescopic belt conveyor is a solution for handling the loading and unloading of parcels.

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