Cascade buffer chute

During the process of loading vehicles that handle the delivery of shipments in the last mile, many shipping companies struggle with the layouts of small depots. In particular, the number of docking positions is often too small to position all delivery vans. The solution is to have two or more waves of departing vehicles.
During the sortation period all parcels destined to go to a second wave need to be buffered. This can be done in the cascade buffer chute. During the evening all buffers are filled, without the need for operators to be present.
This is carried out in a carefully designed manner, maximising the buffer size but also minimising the risk of damage.
When delivery drivers come in for the first wave they activate their associated outputs, extending the chute and bridging the space to their vehicle. This ensures the best operator efficiency in combination with improved ergonomics. After the first wave has left, the second wave can be started. Vanderlande’s solutions offer a range of benefits:
  • up to 200 packages in storage buffer chute
  • soft impact design to reduce risk of damage
  • ergonomic workstations with integrated controls
  • no line pressure at operator position
  • high degree of modularity
  • highest operator efficiency.