Sortation of parcels

The ability to sort a complete product range within the required timeframe and to the correct outgoing dock – without the need for manual intervention – is often a depot’s fundamental challenge.
Vanderlande offers a complete range of line and loop sorters to suit individual needs. The optimum system depends on the different sizes, weights and types of products that are being handled. Other important factors to be considered are the required capacity, and the size and shape of the main operations building.
The POSISORTER and TRUXORTER form part of the company’s line-sorting technology solutions. Vanderlande’s loop-sorting equipment includes a range of different CROSSORTERs.

POSISORTER (shoe sorter)

Vanderlande’s POSISORTER provides positive, high-capacity sorting to handle products measuring up to 1,500 x 900mm.

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TRUXORTER (pop-up sorter)

Vanderlande’s TRUXORTER provides smooth and gentle sorting for a wide range of products, with a capacity of up to 5,000 parcels per hour.

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Vanderlande’s VERTISORTER sorts regular and irregular parcels vertically from one conveyor belt to two others, placed one above the other. 

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CROSSORTER 1200 and 1500

Vanderlande offers a range of CROSSORTERs, including the 700, 1200 and 1500 varieties.

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The SERVICECART@EASE enables human access to cross-belt sorters for performing operational and maintenance activities.

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