Vanderlande’s VERTISORTER sorts regular and irregular parcels vertically from one conveyor belt to two others, placed one above the other. Two hinged switch-belt conveyors move in opposite directions. The VERTISORTER can also be used in reverse, when merging two lines into one.

The VERTISORTER is typically used as a pre-sort unit. Due to its high conveyability, it is used to split irregular parcels or documents from the flow of regular parcels. It can also be used as a pre-sort in a system with multiple line or loop sorters. Multiple units can be positioned behind each other to allow up to eight destinations.
The advantage of using a VERTISORTER is not only its conveyability but also the resulting footprint. By keeping a vertical level pre-sorting the overall footprint can be greatly reduced. During transport and sortation tracking of packages can be maintained, eliminating the need for downstream scanning The following benefits can be achieved:        

  • capacity for up to 3,000 packages per hour
  • high conveyability with no physical impact on packages
  • flexibility in system design
  • higher tracking performance due to horizontal conveyors
  • local controls included.