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In modern parcel sortation centres, an often overlooked area for improvement is the ‘infeed’ station, where items of varying sizes are fed onto the sorter for final sortation and shipping. Typically, several infeed points are required in a busy hub.

However, there are considerable challenges associated with this process, such as effectively handling packages of different sizes and weights, as well as moving items at the highest possible speed.

The most effective infeed process must take into account a number of factors. For example, larger items require more space, but if they are waiting at the final infeed station, it can be difficult to find a suitable gap for them on the conveyor. The heaviest packages can also damage other items.

Using state-of-the-art software is the best way to achieve optimal operations during the infeed process. Automated solutions powered by intelligent software can increase capacity at this stage to over 3,000 items/hour on average per infeed.

That’s why, in combination with our specialist hardware, intelligent software now forms a key part of Vanderlande’s proposition in the parcel market.


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