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As parcel companies extend their operations, the need for cross-belt sorters also increases. These are becoming much larger in scale, and comprise more outfeeds, sorting locations and higher capacities.

Vanderlande’s SERVICECART@EASE enables human access to cross-belt sorters. This is helpful in performing operational and maintenance activities. It takes the form of a metal casing mounted on to the cross-belt sorter.

A service engineer lies within this casing and travels to the required point on the sorter system. In this way, it can reach any destination safely and efficiently. SERVICECART@EASE is also ergonomic. It contains special features to make life comfortable for the service engineer.

Anyone operating the unit is securely attached, which removes the risk of injury. In addition, the frame is the same size as the largest box that could travel through the system. As such, it does not claim any extra footprint outside the limits of the sorter.

One of the other advantages of the unit is that it only takes five minutes to set up. This is hugely beneficial when time is limited for servicing. Vanderlande’s SERVICECART@EASE is ideal for:

  • inspecting the track
  • inspecting components within the track
  • performing repairs
  • removing foreign objects
  • cleaning dust or spilled contents
  • retrieving fallen products from side netting.

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