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The TRAYSORTER is a highly flexible flat sorter, also known as a Bombay sorter. It is suitable for handling a wide range of products, from clothing, accessories and small parcels, to shoe boxes and multimedia items. The adaptability of the interchangeable tray types meets various sorting needs.

The modular design means the TRAYSORTER is fully scalable and the configuration can be adapted to individual requirements. It can also be adjusted to fit into existing warehouse architecture.

Cost effective
With a low initial investment, the TRAYSORTER is an affordable and innovative sorter that helps to boost a facility’s overall performance. The optimum design of the modules results in the smallest footprint concept per sorted item and a favourable ROI.

Several tray types are available:

  • the drop-tray sorts clothing, small parcels and products in packages of up to 6kg
  • the double-drop tray sorts similar items, and can handle larger sizes and weights

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