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Optimise your parcel sorting operations through smart use of data

The courier, express and parcel (CEP) industry handles millions of packages every day. However, with fluctuating demand, rising supply chain costs, and labour shortages, meeting customers’ expectations for faster, seamless deliveries is becoming an increasingly complex business.

As CEP companies turn to automation and smart technologies to face these challenges, digitalisation will be the key to optimise their operations. Designed to help you get the most out of your parcel handling system, the PACE Digital Suite brings peace of mind in a world where there is no room for error.

PACE Digital Suite

We have created the PACE Digital Suite to meet the ever-evolving needs of the CEP industry, and to support you in achieving your operational and strategic goals.

Leveraging decades of experience in sortation process control and industry best practices, the suite’s software solutions allow you to:

  • access previously untapped data
  • automate the control of your parcel handling systems
  • and turn your equipment data into actionable insights.