ParcelIntelligent software

An essential part of the sorting process

Tighter schedules, higher volumes and increasing customer demands make intelligent software an essential part of the sorting process. In addition to hardware, it now forms a key part of Vanderlande’s proposition.

For example, the company’s VISION software suite offers a flexible, modular solution for end-to-end planning and control. It is crucial to be able to optimise processes every day, or even every hour. VISION provides an operational performance dashboard that supports daily planning, gives real-time information on system status, workload and performance, and allows remote access to the total sorting system. This enables operations to be constantly monitored and offers the decision support intelligence needed for scheduling, planning and forecasting to a hub’s management.

VISION is a modular scalable software solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and low-level control. System dynamics are also taken into account to make the correct decisions when sending products to the required destinations. For long-term trend analysis, combined with the ability to benchmark with other hubs and depots in a defined network, VISION can be extended with business process intelligence.

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