General contractor Vanderlande is to deliver and implement the high-performance order picking system for Arvato‘s new fashion distribution centre at the Hannover Messe exhibition complex. The new „Hannover-Messe“ site allows arvato, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann, to play a vital B2C role in Europe. The distribution centre is operated by arvato‘s SCM Solutions division, which employs 11,000 people worldwide. Within arvato‘s SCM Solutions division, the Consumer Products business unit offers global fullservice e-commerce solutions for the „Apparel & Fashion“, „Cosmetics & Personal Care“ and „Luxury &Lifestyle“ segments. 
Arvato collaborates with highly reputable fashion brands in a relationship of exclusive partnership. For more than 15 years, the company has managed all of the associated essential processes for its customers; ranging from implementation and operation of online shops, product photography, online marketing, logistics and shipping including returns management up to payment and billing services, customer service and e-commerce consulting. 
After jointly creating and detailing the concept for this ambitious and demanding project, Vanderlande received the order to supply the extensive order picking system at the end of 2012. The distribution centre covers an area measuring 50,000 m². The total conveying system includes a rack storage facility with up to 350,000 storage compartments split over a total of three levels. The storage compartments are constructed in accordance with the specific logistic requirements of the fashion industry, to enable rapid and flexible response to changes in the fashion goods requiring storage

Facts & figures         

  • More than 40 goods inwards workstations including carton in carton
  • Connecting DotM conveying equipment from the workstations to the marshalling stations in the rack storage area, Anaconda system 
  • Three-level rack storage area with 7 marshalling stations and 350,000 compartments 
  • Bag sorter system offering a performance of 15,000 pieces/hour, can optionally be upgraded to 20,000 pieces/hour
  • 48 packing stations with automatic carton erection
  • 6 packing stations with carton sealing and automatic labelling 
  • POSISORTER with 35 destination chutes   
After successful order picking, the containers in the marshalling stations are transported to the bag loading workstations. From the bag loading workstations, the loaded bags progress into the dynamic buffer or pre-buffer. 
Returns are introduced into the system at separate bag loading stations and are immediately available for shipping. After the pre-buffer, the bags are transported on to the 48 packing stations. The carton erectors supply empty cartons to the packing stations. The products are placed in the cartons together with the shipping documents and transported towards the packing line. The cartons are automatically sealed on the 6 packing lines and shipping labels are attached. Next, they are transported to the POSISORTER and sorted to the 35 destination chutes. 
  • State-of-the-art workstations offering high process safety
  • Highly dynamic bag sorting system in which returned items are immediately available for shipping as soon as the bag is loaded into the system
  • Ability to extend the system

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