Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE is the ideal fit for Bosch

Karlsruhe is home to Bosch’s automotive aftermarket branch. From its spare parts warehouse, new and replacement items are supplied globally.

Bosch wanted to select a new system that could facilitate triple-depth storage of containers weighing up to 50kg. In addition, the warehouse had to allow different container types to be stored.

Bosch selected Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE HDS for its new logistics centre. “The services Vanderlande offered best matched our requirements, and it presented a highly cost-effective and sustainable technical solution,” explains Bosch General Project Lead Mark Luehrs.

Ergonomic considerations

Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE HDS system will provide 226,800 container slots and can be extended easily at any time by adding more aisles.

In total, 86,000 different items can be stored in the system and prepared for regular or express delivery. The system will combine the previously separate picking and packing functions. Vanderlande also installed its high-performance sorter (POSISORTER), to move items to and from the shuttle aisles.

The main objective of the system is to ensure that there are always enough item containers at each of the 14 workstations, for Bosch’s operators to carry out seamless order preparation. Great care was also taken to design the workstations as ergonomically as possible.

Maximum efficiency

Operators are constantly supplied with delivery boxes. Via on-screen instructions, the system informs the operator which items from the supplied containers are to be moved into the order box.

The WMS controls the order in which the boxes should be taken out and directs the correct sequencing for the subsequent steps. This guarantees that heavy items, such as brake discs are removed first and placed at the bottom of the box.

Download the full case study

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