Sorting 13,200 parcels per hour

Antwerp and Charleroi are two of Bpost’s five postal sorting centres in Belgium for the processing of mail and parcels. Vanderlande supplied the fully automated parcel sorting systems, including conveyors, IT software and OCR and VCR equipment.


  • 30 kg: Maximum parcel weight that can be processed
  • 900 x 600 x 600mm: Maximum parcel size that can be processed
  • Parcels per hour Antwerp: Sorting capacity 13,200 parcels per hour


  • Sorting capacity – 13,200 parcels per hour
  • Sorting system – CROSSORTER SCS 600
  • Operational since March 2009


  • Sorting capacity – 8,800 parcels per hour
  • Sorting system – CROSSORTER SCS 600
  • Operational since January 2009

Services information

Vanderlande provides 24/7 hotline and helpdesk support to both sorting centres. It also carries out two maintenance visits a year to each site, while offering upgrades and modifications (RMR), service training and regular evaluation meetings for system optimisation.            

Mr. E. Vincent (Senior Technology Advisor, Bpost):

“Vanderlande has built a fast, efficient and low-noise system that fits perfectly into the Bpost sorting centres. The infeeds have a simple and effective design, and parcels of all shapes and sizes are sorted efficiently and reliably.”

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