BRT Bartolini

The 22 POSISORTER systems installed by Vanderlande over the past 15 years have helped express parcel service provider, BRT SpA, to strengthen its leading position in the Italian market. The key factors for the design of the system were achieving high capacity with optimum use of the available floor space, and a highly accurate sorting performance. The POSISORTER systems excel on both counts.
Vanderlande’s vast experience in the parcel and postal sector, and the short payback times led to the selection of the POSISORTER systems as standard issue for BRT’s depots. This system provides positive, high-capacity sorting for a wide range of different shaped and sized parcels. An important consideration in the design was to ensure that the systems could be expanded or reconfigured relatively easily in the future. This level of versatility will enable BRT to keep pace cost-effectively with the constantly changing demands of its business.
To ensure that the maximum capacity can be achieved consistently, a GAPPEX enforces optimum spacing between parcels for efficient, high-speed sorting. Vanderlande Industries also supplied the FSC equipment controller, which offers a highly flexible, modular solution for equipment control in goods sorting, transport and handling systems. The FSC ensures control of the sorting process in BRT’s depots, by handling all information flows to and from the sorting equipment and the host computer.


8,800 parcels per hour
22 locations worldwide
conveying capacity
95% conveying capacity

Facts & figures         

  • Project milestones
    > Order date 1998-2014
    > Operation date 1998-2014
    > Contract value (€) 1.2-2million
  • Project organisation
    Vanderlande as main contractor
  • Customer services
    Full service with a two-hour intervention
  • Sites
    22 locations nationwided from the sorting equipment and the host computer.            
  • Operation
    > Two-shift, five days/week, 16 hours/day
    > In-feeds 6-10
    > Outlets 25-50
    > System size M
    > Sorting area 2,400m²
    > Sorting capacity 4,500-8,800 parcels per hour
  • Sorter
    > POSISORTER with GAPPEX in-feeding Scanning
    > Central five-sided barcode scanning
  • Easy to operate
  • Tracking and tracing functionality
  • Reliable technology
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance
  • 95% conveying capacity
  • Weighing and volume measurement for invoicing                            

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