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As part of the ambitious plan to upgrade Egypt’s civil aviation facilities, Cairo International Airport Terminal 2 is currently undergoing a major renovation to double its capacity to 7.5 million passengers per year. The project comprises the renovation of the existing Terminal 2, the construction of new buildings which includes a new departure hall, and a new airside pier. 
January 2016 the project is in the final stages of its commissioning phase. The testing phase will start mid-February 2016. The opening of the airport with the operational bagage handling system is planned for April 2016. The scope of the Terminal 2 project includes a connection line to the existing Terminal 3. By integrating the high-level controls of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 the ‘One-terminal philosophy’, acknowledged by Cairo Airport Company to be the future of their baggage handling system, can be realised.


  • 4,800 bags per hour (Departure)
  • 2x 353 meter HELIXORTER tilt-tray sorters installed
  • 500 bags in Early Bag Storage

Facts & Figures

Project Milestones

  • Contract awarded July 2013
  • Operational expected April 2016

Project Organisation

  • Vanderlande as BHS subcontractor for Limak (General contractor)



  • Departure: 4,800 total
  • Arrival: capacity dependent on operators


  • 4 check-in islands with 75 three-belt check-in positions
  • 2 redundancy switch via VERTIBELT diverter
  • 4 VIP/CIP three-belt check-in positions

Out of Gauge:

  • 1 integration of security screening machine
  • 1 lateral for make-up


  • 2 unloading laterals for transfer baggage
  • 1 redundancy switch via VERTIBELT diverter
  • 2 VERTIBELT diverter to manual coding station for no-read bags


  • 360 degrees automatic tag readers (ATR)
  • 4 manual coding stations on transfer lines


  • 6x integration of Security Screening Machines (Level 1)
  • 4x integration of Security Screening Machines (Level 3)


  • 2x 353 meter HELIXORTER tilt-tray sorters installed above each other
  • 28 outputs for manual encoding, early bags, make-up laterals and carousels

Early Bag Storage

  • Lane-based EBS with 44 VERTIBELT diverters and lanes (approx. 500 bag positions)
  • 1 VERTICROSS at EBS lines


  • 23 spiral chutes to make-up laterals
  • 3 tilted make-up carousels

TB3/TB2 connection

  • 2 VERTICROSS unit for redundancy design of connection lines to T3B
  • 2 pusher diverter on carousel sorters at TB3

Arrival system

  • 7 tilted reclaim carousels (+ one existing)
  • 1 transport line for OOG baggage


  • Sorter controls by Profinet communications

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