Productivity increased by 46%

Camper was founded in 1975 and has developed into a creative and contemporary casual footwear brand. Its logistics and operations are run from Spain, and its products can be ac quired around the globe from more than 400 stores across 40 countries.


Camper concentrates its operations in Barcelona, where it manages initial and replenishment orders on site. The company faced a number of challenges to improve its internal logistics processes. Firstly, it had to cope with the different dimensions of cartons that are retrieved from 60,000 locations within the warehouse. It also had to ensure that the handling of loose-lid boxes was more efficient when processing replenishment orders. These are prepared in two steps. Firstly, they are grouped in batches in three ergonomic goods-to-person stations. Secondly, the batch is then sorted to the corresponding stores. Returns also had to be factored in, which meant Camper required a flexible system that integrated within the complete solution.


Camper needed a full and flexible system that guaranteed improved efficiencies. Retrieval of different sized cartons – up to 6,000 per hour – from its six double-deep aisles had to be accurate and consistent. The processes connected to its replenishment orders also needed to be accelerated.

The solution

Vanderlande’s solution ensures cartons of different dimensions are handled smoothly through its BARRACUDA load-handling device. This can grip variable dimensions in a form-locked, positive way – guaranteeing maximum availability.

Vanderlande modified its POSISORTER to ensure a smooth handling of loose-lid boxes. The chutes were also engineered to ensure hassle-free consolidation and shipment.

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