CCC (before NG2) is Poland’s leading footwear company with 700 shops in Poland and other east European countries. The company is one of the best performing companies on the Polish stock market and sells a total of 25 million pairs of shoes each year. In 2015 the system will be extended for future growth and since 2008 CCC has opened already more than 150 shops. In the future they expect to grow to 1200 shops. For daily deliveries to all the shops, Vanderlande has developed a sortation system.
Picking is done from two warehouses in full cartons only. Via a bridge the cartons arrive in the distribution center. Depending on the season 50% of full cartons will be shipped directly via movable telescopic conveyors into the delivery trucks of the courier services. The rest of the cartons will be sorted to six de-boxstations where full cartons are emptied and pair boxes are directed to the CROSSORTER inducts.
At the sorter outfeeds the pair boxes are packed into shipping cartons, cartons are closed and directed to the shipping sorter. Prior to sortation, each carton will be weighed and labelled automatically. Shipping cartons are directly loaded into the containers of the courier services.
The entire sortation process is managed in real time by Vanderlande’s VISION.XDOCK controls software. The logistics processes, VISION.XDOCK controls software and the material handling equipment are fully integrated. VISION.XDOCK controls and supervises every stage of the logistics process, maximising productivity and reducing manual intervention to a minimum. The system has been operational since the first quarter of 2009. In 2014 the system has been extended to handle the flow which has increased over the years since the system went live.

Facts & figures         

  • VISION.XDOCK controls software integrated into CCC’s host system
  • 6 de-box stations 
  • 2 existing + 1 new induct 
  • Cross-belt sorter for pairboxes (CROSSORTER ) 
  • 73 existing chutes (dubbel chutes 146 destinations) + 21 new chutes (42 destinations) 
  • Weighing scale, automatic label printer and applicator 
  • Shipping sorter (POSISORTER) 
  • 4 existing + 2 new telescopic belts for loading trucks
  • Full carton picking
  • 50% of the cartons is cross-docked to delivery trucks
  • Remaining cartons are de-boxed
  • Pairboxes are sorted and packed into shipping cartons
  • Shipping cartons are closed, weighed and automatically labelled
  • Shipping sortation to destination
  • Dispatch
  • Ability to handle future growth in number of stores served
  • Reduced cost per unit
  • Higher throughput per m2
  • Reduced order lead time, faster order fulfilment
  • Assured on-time delivery
  • Higher accuracy
  • Optimal space utilisation
  • In 2014 system expanded

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