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Size of warehouse within the nine-hectare site

European parcel and express company DPD has opened one of Eastern Europe’s largest and most modern sorting facilities near Łódź, Poland. The facility represents the largest investment of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe and is situated at the centre of DPD’s diamond-shaped network in Poland.

Vanderlande supplied DPD with a turnkey sorting solution comprising two CROSSORTER 1500 systems and one CROSSORTER 700. This makes it possible to sort items with a wide range of sizes – from loose-loaded small items to large parcels.


  • Maximum weight of parcel that can be handled: 50 kg
  • Number of delivery vehicles that can be processed per night: 300
  • Size of warehouse within the nine-hectare site: 13,500


  • Capacity – 35,000 parcels per hour
  • Sorting system – two CROSSORTER 1500s and one CROSSORTER 700
  • Operational since December 2012

Services information

Vanderlande provides an on-site crew of four technicians and a computerised maintenance management system for planning service activities and spare parts control. Two maintenance visits are also scheduled every year.          

Rafał Nawłoka (President, DPD Poland):

"This highly advanced and modern sorting facility will mean a big quality increase for the Polish express parcel industry. This state-of-the-art investment is located at the heart of Poland, where all the major domestic communication routes meet. Together with our business partners we were looking for an optimum logistics solution, and the central location of Stryków also meets our requirement to optimise costs."

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