DPD Kolding

In 2004 DPD Denmark decided to give the order for a new parcel sorting hub in Kolding to Vanderlande, because of the good relation, long partnership and innovative solutions. DPD is owned by major shareholder GeoPost, a wholly owned subsidiary of the French Groupe La Poste.
The parcel sortation system at DPD in Kolding consists of a dual-sided POSISORTER equipped with 8 infeed lines and in total 34 destinations. Each of the infeed lines has an automatic weighing scale, which is used for invoice purposes. Barcode information is read by an centrally located camera based scanner.
An out-of-gauge conveyor system is used to manually sort small parcels and letters into bags. Machinable parcels are merged onto the POSISORTER. The system is controlled by use of the standard Vanderlande Flow System Controller (FSC). This control system is connected via a Destination Server to the host system of the DPD.
The DPD Kolding system is unique because it has a double function, executed in 2 shifts: depot during the day (regional parcels) and hub during the night. In the nightshift extendibles are used for sorting parcels into trucks. During dayshift these extendibles can be hoisted, creating a lot of floor space. Dedicated, so called „sub-contractor“-spurs are used for sorting parcels for the Kolding area during the day. Both parcels arriving in vans and departing in trailers are handled in the same hub.


8,800 parcels per hour
22 locations worldwide
conveying capacity
95% conveying capacity

Facts & figures         

  • Project milestones
    > Order date: October 2004
    > Operation date: January 2006
    > Order value € 2.5 million
  • Project organisation
    > Vanderlande as main contractor
  • Operation
    > Capacity (pph) 6,000 
    > Sorting parcels
    > 8 Infeeds
    > 34 Destinations
  • Equipment
    POSISORTER (1-off)
    Belt floor conveyor
  • System size M


Life-cycle services

The service contract consists of 2 maintenance visits of 6 days per year together with a local service partner, and hotline facility and modem support for 5 days per week/24 hours per day, for which the local service partner is the first contact and Vanderlande Industries the second. At the request of the customer a local service engineer can be on site within 2 hours and a Vanderlande engineer within 24 hours to solve the problem.

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