Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport benefits from Vanderlande’s ‘next generation’ security lanes

Founded in 1932, Eindhoven Airport is now the second largest airport in The Netherlands. Handling nearly seven million passengers, it serves 87 destinations and oversees more than 38,000 flight movements annually.

A seamless journey

Airports such as Eindhoven are continually looking to invest in hardware and software that will allow them to achieve maximum efficiencies while offering passengers a world-class experience.

“One of our main interests as an airport is looking for ways to improve the level of quality on site,” says Head of Operations and Security Pieter Visser. “This includes the security checkpoint, so we can make sure that travellers have the best journey possible.”

Eindhoven Airport needed security lanes that fully integrated EDSCB C3 scanners. The airport also wanted to minimise downtime at the security checkpoint while achieving a throughput target of 3.5 passengers per minute.

A constant flow of passengers

In searching for the ideal solution, Eindhoven Airport turned to Vanderlande and its ADVANCED security lane. It is the most cutting-edge automated screening lane (ASL) for the screening of passengers’ hand luggage in airports or other secured areas.

While improving staff efficiency and reducing operational costs, the ADVANCED ASL has also been designed to achieve the highest screening capacity, help provide a constant flow of passengers, and offer an outstanding level of security.

The ASL guarantees an excellent passenger experience in which the security process is less stressful, more straightforward and comfortable. The lanes installed at Eindhoven Airport are the first of Vanderlande’s latest ATRS generation to be deployed anywhere in the world. Highly flexible, the lanes can be integrated with most conventional (or 3D) scanners.

Providing a stress-free experience

Now that the ADVANCED lanes are live, Eindhoven Airport has quickly been able to achieve its objectives. “One of the main benefits has to be the passenger throughput,” explains Pieter. “During summer, we handled approximately 5.4 passengers per minute at the lanes, which is a really high number.”

Project Manager Dion Sparnaaij was delighted with how the project was conducted: “We got to know the team from Vanderlande and I have to pay a big compliment to the guys who did the work out on the floor. With the ADVANCED ASL, we have the necessary speed to achieve our ambitions and the atmosphere is calmer and aesthetically pleasing – everyone agrees that the lanes look fantastic!”

The right expertise

Pieter has been satisfied with the service provided by Vanderlande: “We can communicate with them and even if we go to them with problems they come back to us with solutions. In terms of improvements, they listen to our suggestions with the intention of making the lanes even better.”

Dion concludes: “The schedule was tight, but Vanderlande has proven itself to be a true partner. It’s not just about the hardware involved, it’s also about the knowledge of Vanderlande’s team and they thrive on handling projects of this scope.”

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