Exapaq Beaune

Exapaq, now part of DPD group, is the specialist in small parcels delivery in France and Europe. With now more than 50 depots and 6 hubs in France, this company has always made the choice of mechanized solutions to sort out important flows in a limited time slot. 
In comparison with other systems in the network, Beaune Hub was built and equipped in 2007 with the latest generation POSISORTER, mostly because of the smooth handling of a wide range of parcel types and the reliability of shoe sorter technology. Parcels are unloaded from trucks on telescopic boom conveyors, are scanned and transferred by an operator to one of the two sorters or to an out of gauge line (TRIPLANAR carrousel). 
With these two sorters linked in a loop, redundancy is better and parcels can finally reach the right destination even in case of operator error or temporary chute overload.After one year of operations, four additional infeed lines were added to the six existing lines in order to increase system capacity to 12 000 parcels per hour and facilitate trucks transfers.

Facts & figures         

  • Project milestones
    > Order date: July 2006 
    > Operation date: First phase May 2007/ Second phase August 2008
    > Order value: €3.4 million
  • Project organisation
    > Vanderlande as main contractor
  • Capacity (pph) 12,000
  • Sorting: 2 POSISORTERs
  • Out of Gauge: flat TRIPLANAR carousel
  • Infeeds: 10 infeed lines with telescopic conveyors and manual presort stations from 1 to 3
  • Outfeeds: 46 outputs equipped with telescopic conveyors
  • Controls: Vanderlande FSC / DS (Destination Server)       

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