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30 million passengers per year

There are two airports in Shanghai, Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. Hongqiao Airport is the 4th largest airport in China. After the expansion, it had a capacity to handle 30 million passengers per year and was used mainly for domestic flights and to serve the World Expo Shanghai 2010. 

The new terminal will connect to the subway, magnetic levitation station and a Beijing – Shanghai rapid transit railway station and act as a air-land traffic center in the east of China. The expansion project comprised among others a new terminal with an area of 250,000 square meters, including a state-of-the-art automatic baggage handling system. 

Vanderlande was chosen to realise this BHS system. The BHS in the new terminal includes 162 check-in positions  in two islands, with separate Out of Gauge handling. After the 100% Hold baggage Screening process, baggage is led to either the HELIXORTER tilt tray sorter, or in case of early baggage to the BAGLOAD Early Baggage Storage facility that has a capacity to store 1,084 (2x542) bags. Baggage is sorted to one of the 12 TRIPLANAR flight make-up carousels where it is placed in carts to be transported to the aircraft. 

Arrival baggage is put on flat TRIPLANAR carousels for pick up by the passenger.The system is controlled by Vanderlande VIBES controls software, including SAC. The new second terminal opened on March 16, 2010, ahead of schedule and well in time to receive visitors to the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai which started on 1st May. It is four times the size of the original Terminal 1 and now houses 90 percent of all airlines at the airport.


  • 3,000 bags per hour
  • 330 cart positions on 10 lanes
  • 64 three belts single + 3 oversize

Facts & Figures

Project milestones
  • Contract date April 2008
  • Operational date March 2010


Capacity (bph)

  • Departure 8,800
  • Arrival 12,000


  • 162 check-in positions


  • 84 Level 1 machines, 2 level 3 machines


  • Automatic scanning


  • 1 HELIXORTER tilt tray sorter and 12 make-up flat TRIPLANAR carousels


  • 5.3 km of belt conveyor



  • 12 arrival flat TRIPLANAR carousels


  • Information management and controls system including VIBES SAC

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