Comfortably reach the 2026 turnover target

Since its foundation in 1969, ifm has developed, produced and sold sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation worldwide. In addition, its large portfolio includes sensors for motion control and safety technology.

Furthermore, ifm offers products for industrial imaging and communication, as well as systems for identification and mobile machines. Known as an industry leader, ifm has more than 5,500 employees, with around 3,800 based in Germany.

720 million Euro turnover
23,320 locations for 8,000 different products
25 ADAPTO shuttles (and 7 lifts)


  • Old warehouse was too small to handle ifm’s next phase of development
  • Order processing was predominantly carried out manually
  • Number of existing storage locations was no longer sufficient for the increasing number of products
  • High proportion of picking errors and relatively low operator performance
  • Increased packaging output required
  • A need to ship a higher volume of parcels

The solution

  • Vanderlande proposed ADAPTO, a highly flexible 3D storage, retrieval and transportation system
  • ADAPTO ensures easy access to products at all times
  • Maintenance platforms allow quick operator access to all shuttles and rack locations, enabling fast and safe troubleshooting


  • 23,320 storage locations in ADAPTO system
  • 10 aisles (with an additional 4 possible)
  • 7 ADAPTO lifts and 25 shuttles
  • Material flow software
  • ADAPTO controls

Customer success

  • The current system is set up to ship 800 cartons per hour, allowing ifm to comfortably reach its 2026 turnover target
  • ifm can use this design at its other warehouse locations around the world
  • ADAPTO has given ifm the required system availability and performance to support its growth strategy
  • The cost efficiencies are significant, and ADAPTO will provide an excellent return on investment if ifm’s business needs change
  • The integrated maintenance areas ensure safe and fast troubleshooting – without operational disruptions – and create an ergonomic working environment
“Throughout the whole process, Vanderlande has been a one-stop shop for the total material handling system. We have a fully integrated solution, and our successful relationship is based on trust. Vanderlande is a reliable partner for us.”
Thorben Petersen
Managing Director

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