Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

In September 2009 the two new CRESPLANAR carousels for Jomo Kenyatta Airport, the largest airport of Kenya, became operational. In contradiction to the standard way of working where all equipment is purchased by the airport, here the two new departure CRESPLANARs were purchased by Kenya Airways Ltd., one of the largest airlines in Kenya operating on the African continent as well as with international flights all over the world. 
The system concept for departure comprises a stand alone departure system. Normal and transfer baggage can be placed in the baggage hall on the CRESPLANAR. The CRESPLANAR will transport the baggage through the hall, where operators take the baggage from the carousel and put it into trolleys to transport it to the different airplanes. 
Kenya Airways chose Vanderlande for this project because of the high quality concept and design as well as the competitive price. The carousels were installed without any interruption to the daily operation, and within planning and budget.

Facts & figures         

  • Project milestones
    > Contract date July 2008
    > Operational date September 2009
  • Project organisation
    > Vanderlande as main contractor
  • Make-up
    > 2 CRESPLANAR carousels
  • Length
    > 52 metres each

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