OR Tambo International Airport CTB (Central Terminal Building, Johannesburg)



20 million
20 million
Increase in airport passenger capacity
19 million
19 million
Current passenger numbers
17 FTE – maintenance team. 
29 – operations team


CTB – Vanderlande maintenance and operations
  • Capacity – 12,000 bags per hour
  • Sorting system comprising eight VERTISORTERs
  • Early bag storage capacity – 1,200 bags
  • Transportation – 6.5 km of conveyors
  • System operational – April 2009
  • Two sorters with a baggage capacity of 886 trays
  • Arrivals – four flat TRIPLANAR carousels
  • Arrivals – six tilted TRIPLANAR carousels


Vanderlande prides itself on having an integrated working culture, referred to as C4:
  • communication
  • customer confidence
  • continuous improvements
  • cleanliness and calm.

Services information

Vanderlande has a maintenance team of 12 technicians and assistants, as well as an operational team consisting of 29 people and a management and back office team of three. The majority of technicians were also involved in the installation, testing and commissioning phase, and will ensure that the system will deliver an ongoing high level of performance. The operational team is highly experienced, with some members having been at the airport for over ten years.

General customer information

OR Tambo Airport is the largest and most modern airport in Africa. The new baggage handling system went live on 1 April 2009 in anticipation of the World Cup the following year. Vanderlande’s on-site teams ensured everything went according to plan ahead of this, and 12,000 bags were handled on the first day with no reported problems or delays. The addition of the CTB – located between the existing International and Domestic terminals – increased the airport’s capacity to 20 million plus passengers a year.

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