Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Oslo Airport at Gardermoen needed an automated baggage handling system for its 21st century growth plans. Vanderlande was chosen in 1994 because of its ability to build and integrate a high-speed, high-accuracy system with the latest technology for minimum total Life Cycle Costs Oslo Lufthavn AS (OSL) is the owner of and runs the main airport of Norway 47 km north of Oslo City. 
The baggage handling system is based on DCV technology (BAGTRAX) for the transportation and sortation of departing baggage from check-in desks and transfer inductions to 88 chutes, located in two pier make-up zones (PMZ). All departing baggage is subject to a multi-level hold baggage screening process. 
Early baggage is stored in BAGTRAX carts in a dedicated basement. All arrival carousels are suitable for the handling of ski’s. 
Since the opening of the new Airport in 1998, Vanderlande is running the Operation and Maintenance for the baggage handling system on a performance based contract. The work involves full-time on-site presence of O&M personnel, with a team of 25 people, working round the clock, 7 days a week, in a 6-shift operation. Several system extensions have been realised since the opening day.


3,000 bags per hour
330 cart positions on 10 lanes
64 three belts single + 3 oversize

Facts & figures         

  • Project milestones
    > Contract date June 1994
    > Operational date July 1998 (Charters) /  October 1998 (scheduled flights)
  • Project organisation
    > Vanderlande as BHS subcontractor for Limak (General contractor)
  • Services
    > Operational date: 1998
    > Validity: 3 Year
    > Contract type: Performance based
    > Service organisation: 24/7 on-site support
  • Traffic planning (allocation stands)
  • Daily operations
  • Inspections
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Spare part management
  • Maintenance management     
  • Capacity (bph)
    > 3,000
  • Sorting
    > BAGTRAX unloaders and VERTISORTERs
  • Check-in
    > 64 three belts single + 3 oversize
  • Transfer
    > 6 inputs
  • Make-up
    > 88 chutes
  • Reclaim
    > 6 flat carrousels
  • Identification
    > Scanning arrays on inducts
  • Early bag Storage
    > 330 cart positions on 10 lanes
  • Screening
    > 5 level 1 machines, 1 level 3
  • Out of Gauge
    > For departure at each collector line with connections to      each baggage hall

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