Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - Terminal 1


Availability of airport facilities while system upgrades were carried out
8,000 m2
8,000 m2
Size of metal framework installed in advance to receive baggage sorting equipment
Successive phases of work carried out over seven years without any disruptions to operations


  • Capacity – 4,800 bags per hour
  • Sorting system comprising four tilt-tray sorters
  • Six TRIPLANAR carousels to process arrivals
  • Project completion – December 2009

General customer information

After 30 years, Charles de Gaulle’s Terminal 1 underwent a complete renovation of both the building and its infrastructure, with the baggage handling system being changed completely. Vanderlande was able to ensure that the airport did not close during any stage of the operation. 
The new baggage system provides much flexibility, as all destinations can be accessed from any of the check-in desks. The unique architecture of the airport made it possible to keep at least three-quarters of the building operational while work was carried out.

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