ADAPTO ensures easy access to products at all times

Recio, established in 1905, is a family owned and operated company in Salamanca, Spain. It has grown to become the market leader, with sales over €195m/year. The company has always been very innovative.

Recio supplies perfumes and cosmetics to more than 200 stores and 2,000 wholesale customers. These products are broken down into two product types: mass market (perfumes and cosmetics, household and drugstore products) and selective market (high-end perfumes). They originate from its national distribution centre in Salamanca


  • Recio’s continued growth meant the system was approaching its peak capacity by 2012
  • Certain products were still being handled manually
  • The company wanted to prepare more orders with the same staffing levels, in less time
  • The layout of the distribution centre meant that a conventional ‘one aisle/one machine’ solution was uneconomical 
  • Recio needed an order processing system that combined state-of-the-art technology with traditional methods to facilitate future growth.

The solution

  • Vanderlande proposed ADAPTO, a highly flexible 3D  storage, retrieval and transportation system
  • ADAPTO  ensures easy access to products at all times
  • Maintenance platforms allow quick operator access to all shuttles and rack locations, enabling fast and safe troubleshooting.


  • 195,000 mln Euro turnover
  • 54,000 units per day, 14,000 order lines per day
  • 2 hours per day saved


  • Six aisles
  • 10,360 tote capacity
  • 14 shuttles
  • User friendly control software
  • Real time information

Customer success

  • Recio’s operations are more robust and efficient
  • Productivity in picking and packing has risen from 130 order lines (per hour/per operator) to 210
  • Throughput has also been increased, which means the service offering to customers has become faster
  • Due to the flexibility and scalability of ADAPTO, shuttles and lifts can also be added at a later date.

“We now have better control of how our picking is done, and because of the high level of automation we have tighter control of the stock, and more effective management of item availability.”

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