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Futureproof with process optimisation

Rhenus Contract Logistics (Rhenus) is part of the Rhenus Group, and analyses highly complex logistics operations and optimises them using individual solutions that cover sourcing, production and distribution.

In 2009, Vanderlande delivered a material handling system to Rhenus at its site in Tilburg, The Netherlands. However, Rhenus’s main customer had recently experienced strong growth of approximately 30% per year. As a result, it approached Vanderlande to see how the system’s performance could be improved.

A project was subsequently initiated to investigate how capacity could be increased during peak times, which consisted of two phases. During phase one, Vanderlande’s process engineers analysed the system, and came up with recommendations to increase the peak capacity of processed items. The second project consisted of operational improvements and technical modifications to the existing system.

As a result of all changes, Rhenus is ready to match the expected future growth of its customer. This has been achieved primarily by extending the system’s capabilities within its current boundaries. The solution is also future-proof and features in-built redundancy.

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