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Serving 25 million passengers annually

The new baggage handling system at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is the result of the close partnership between Vanderlande and the Limak-GMR joint venture. 

As Vanderlande has delivered nearly all automated baggage systems at Turkish airports, it was a logical step for the Limak-GMR JV to continue the existing relationship for Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Istanbul. On 9 November 2009, exactly on the planned date, the new terminal at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport went into operation. 

The new baggage handling system consists of a Departure system with 96 two belt check-in desks, one transfer line, a 5-level integrated screening concept, sorting of bags to two tilt tray loop sorters with 60 chutes and two make-up carousels as destination. 

The Arrival part of the system consists of six tilted TRIPLANAR carousels. In total the system has about two kilometers of conveyors. With a capacity of 8,000 bags per hour, the system will be able to serve up to 25 million passengers annually. AII-in-all, it is a very sophisticated system and the largest in Turkey. The trust that was put in Vanderlande’s competence is reflected in continued  cooperation and the basis for extended Operations and Maintenance activities. \

Any innovations and improvements to Vanderlande’s equipment are automatically available in new and existing systems worldwide, resulting in baggage handling systems that deliver the goods.

Facts & Figures

Project milestones

  • Contract date September 2008
  • Operational date October 2009

Project organisation

  • Limak-GMR JV as main contractor
  • Vanderlande as BHS supplier


A maintenance contract for this airport was extended once again in June 2014 for 24/7 hotline support.



  • 8,000 bags per hour
  • 96 Check-in type A, 2 belt
  • 1 Transfer line
  • Level 1 machines (6x), level 3 (2x)
  • level 5 (2x)
  • OOG departures with conventional x-ray
  • Automatic barcode readers
  • 2 tilt tray loop sorters, 60 chutes
Make up
  • 2 flat TRIPLANAR carousels

Out Of Gauge

  • 4 Stand alone weighing scales, manual handling
  • 6 tilted TRIPLANAR carousels

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