• Three-aisle QUICKSTORE HDS shuttle system
  • Order-picking system
  • Controls – Multi-site computerised maintenance management system

Services information

For its internet grocery distribution facilities in Maidstone and Greenford (both in the UK), Tesco.com chose to outsource the maintenance and on-site support of the automated material handling system to Vanderlande.
The company recruits, trains and manages a team of service engineers at each site. Integrated into the Tesco team, Vanderlande is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the entire automated material handling system.  

General customer information

Tesco has taken a major step forward in handling the picking and delivery of groceries ordered via Tesco.com by building a dedicated dot com facility, known internally as a DCOS (dot com only store). Orders coming in from the website were previously processed in Tesco superstores in the area. 
The company selected Vanderlande to explore the potential for a dedicated facility, which resulted in a successful partnership in Aylesford DCOS. The second DCOS in Greenford became operational in 2010.

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