TVOE is one of Russia’s largest and fastest growing fashion retailers. The company has a modern DC of 14,000 m2 at Chekhov area. It services the company’s own fashion stores and franchisees in Russia. Their products can be described as fast fashion, aimed at a young audience. The large number of products, fast changing collections and promotions require that the growing number of stores are serviced several times a week. This fast business growth combined with a scarcity of skilled labour are the main drives for TVOE to decide for mechanisation. Reduction in labour dependency and cost efficiency are essential to handle the demanded peaks and to improve accuracy. Fulfilling TVOE’s mission of providing excellent service made mechanisation cost effective and necessary.
Vanderlande’s system was designed to handle over 240,000 items per day, divided in two shifts. In peak times the system runs for 24 hours. Then it handles close to 500,000 items per day. The system consists of goods reception with inline labeling, a 5 aisle shuttle system for double deep carton storage and 40,000 locations. The system also contains a CROSSORTER 700 for sorting single items. The order picking takes place at 20 induct stations according to the single touch principle. Product cartons which are not picked empty at the induct station (residuals) will return to the shuttle system. The CROSSORTER, with presort, has 182 chutes which sort directly into shipping cartons. An overhead chain conveyor brings the empty and re-used cartons automatically to the chute operators. Replenishment of the shuttle system takes place from the pallet bulk warehouse (Very Narrow Aisle). The carton closing is semi automatic the wrapping upstream of the shipping sorter is again fully automatic. VISION.WMS controls the total system, including the manual pallet area. The system is operational since August 2014.


Over 240,000 items handled per day
storage locations
5 aisle shuttle system for double deep carton storage, 40,000 locations
CROSSORTER 700 with 182 chutes

Facts & figures         

    • Project milestones
      > Order date April 2013
      > Operation date August 2014
    • Project organisation
      Vanderlande as main contractor
    • Customer services
      > Site-based service team
      > Vanderlande service engineers on site
  • Goods Receiving
    > Belt extendibles, volume and weight check
    > automatic label application
    > QC and palletising stations 
    > 1,500 cartons per hour
  • Shuttle System
    > 5 aisles HDS double deep with Barracuda load handling
    > 40,000 carton locations
    > 3,000 cartons per hour
  • Item Sorter
    > CROSSORTER 700 with presort
    > 2 x 5 induct stations
    > 182 chutes, sorting directly into shipping cartons
    > 22.000 items per hour
    > Overhead chain conveyor for empty order cartons
  • Shipping
    > Semi-automatic carton closing
    > wrapping multibelt sorter with 8 outputs
    >1,200 cartons per hour
  • Controls

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