UPS Louisville



2.6 million
Number of parcels that can be handled every day 
Increase in hub capacity after completion of Phase II
1.8 million
Total project hours completed without any lost time relating to incidents


  • Capacity (pph) – 206,000
  • Building size – 300,000m2
  • Transport length – 150km of conveyors
  • Sorting system comprises of POSISORTERS and VERTISORTERS

General customer information

UPS has built the world’s largest air hub at Louisville International Airport, from which the company provides a worldwide air parcel service. The Worldport centre receives, sorts and dispatches millions of parcels a day, and transportation is handled by 80 to 120 flights a day, as well as by road freight. A key element of the project was the integration of the new sorting phases by Vanderlande. Over four years an impressive system was installed that included over 64 kilometres of conveyors, 76 POSISORTERs and 174 VERTISORTERs.

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