Urban Outfitters Reno (Nevada)



  • Sorting system – CROSSORTER 700 and POSISORTER
  • Controls – VISION
  • Operational since September 2012

Services information

The partnership between Urban Outfitters and Vanderlande continued after the site became operational. “Their life-cycle approach is very appealing to customers like us, looking for a one-stop shop,” says Ken McKinney. “The whole system is scalable, and is designed in a way to allow expansion to accommodate future growth. Urban Outfitters and Vanderlande will continue to work together to improve operating efficiency and system performance, maximise availability and help Urban Outfitters’ operations team to achieve its goals”.

General customer information

E-commerce has become a booming business and the fashion industry is expected to become the largest subsection within this market growth. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Urban Outfitters operates in the USA, Canada and Europe through various sales channels, such as stores, catalogues and online storefronts.
The company’s brands are experiencing strong growth in its direct-to-consumer business and its logistics processes needed to adapt to meet the increase in orders from the growth in e-commerce sales. In order to meet this demand, Urban Outfitters chose Vanderlande to design and install its new e-commerce distribution system located in Reno, Nevada.

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