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Vanderlande’s web-based reporting and monitoring tools

Vanderlande’s web-based reporting and monitoring tools (part of PAX CHECKPOINT) help to improve the efficiency of security checkpoints by gathering real-time and historical data. They also provide a comprehensive view of security, operations and the passenger experience, and help airports to:

  • monitor a security checkpoint’s KPIs and overall performance
  • facilitate regulatory compliance
  • improve resource management
  • make the maintenance process faster and easier.


Web-based tool that integrates data acquired from the remote screening process, X-ray scanners, trace detectors and walk-through metal detectors. It provides KPIs, such as:

  • throughput data (open lanes and luggage throughput)
  • image analysis data (reject rates, average analysis time and consolidated TIP reports)
  • recheck data (average times, threat types and searched items)
  • ETD and WTMD data
  • equipment status.


Provides access to all archived X-ray images and item pictures, along with image analysis and search results. The tool allows airports to review data in a summarised format with search capabilities, including:

  • date
  • location
  • RFID tag
  • image analyst.


Displays real-time statistics of checkpoint and screening activities to supervisors and allows for easier resource management and individual monitoring. Various performance statistics can be obtained through eMonitoring, such as:

  • reject rates
  • analysis times
  • average search times
  • number of threats.


Provides statistics on the automated screening lanes and individual equipment. This helps to expedite the work of the maintenance teams when monitoring system status.