Are you looking for a cost-effective baggage sorting solution that’s ideal for a small to medium-sized airport or terminal? Then our BAXORTER could be the ideal option.

It’s capable of processing 3,000 trays per hour and has the flexibility to manage a number of flights or destinations.

Installing BAXORTER will deliver:

In addition, BAXORTER helps to facilitate the smooth sortation of bags while maintaining their orientation. It’s the perfect choice for screening applications in which the fail-safe tracking of bags is essential.

Like to know more?

Every airport is different. This is reflected in your layout – and the advice offered by our experts.

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If you’re aiming to increase efficiency and cut costs, while making your airport more sustainable, you should look closely at what your bag sortation system can offer. Our HELIXORTER will help you to manage these issues while providing top-quality performance.

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