If you’re aiming to increase efficiency and cut costs, while making your airport more sustainable, you should look closely at what your bag sortation system can offer. Our HELIXORTER will help you to manage these issues while providing top-quality performance.

This solution has been designed to increase sorting accuracy and lower maintenance requirements for enhanced availability, with:

  • the capacity to process 6,000 trays per hour
  • conveyance speeds of 2m/s
  • reduced noise levels
  • and seamless integration into existing systems.

The HELIXORTER offers a highly durable, integrated closed deck with no additional covers to ensure excellent baggage transport. The unique, patented design prevents problems associated with conventional tilt-tray sorters, in which irregular or smaller items can become trapped in open parts of the system.

It is also a very eco-efficient system. Trays are made from robust and recyclable bamboo, and plastic parts can be reused, while sections of steel are left without being painted.

The HELIXORTER also incorporates a synchronous linear motor to deliver a level of energy consumption rated among the lowest on the market.

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Every airport is different. This is reflected in your layout – and the advice offered by our experts.

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