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In today’s aviation industry, airports are continually looking to reduce operational complexity, lower costs, and offer passengers a stress-free travel experience. In addition, they have to handle an ever-growing volume of bags, provide a cost-effective service within a limited footprint, and prepare for future capacity growth.

With this in mind, Vanderlande offers ADAPTO BAGSTORE. It is a unique shuttle-based automated system with built-in sorting capabilities. Each baggage item can be retrieved individually at any time without recirculation and bags can be sorted directly to a workstation. ADAPTO BAGSTORE provides maximum flexibility and redundancy due to its use of a racking structure with integrated shuttle track, multidirectional shuttles and sorting capabilities.

Baggage ‘on demand’
ADAPTO BAGSTORE can be used to facilitate all types of batching processes, from compressed to early builds.
Its built-in sorting capabilities and high throughput capacities allow airports to ‘pull’ out bags as required and use their flight build cells in the most efficient way. Vanderlande’s storage solution is highly cost-effective and the modular design makes optimal use of all existing space within an airport, regardless of shape or size. It maximises storage density by using an airport’s existing floor space and infrastructure in the most effective way. Due to its scalability, ADAPTO BAGSTORE can also seamlessly match the precise growth of an individual airport.

Full redundancy and high availability
ADAPTO BAGSTORE delivers a range of benefits to airports of all sizes owing to its flexible configuration. Its multidirectional properties allow each shuttle to go to all outputs. It offers full redundancy, because each storage position is accessible individually.

In addition, it makes use of RF tags in the TUBTRAX carriers for tracking and tracing, which ensures the constant availability of each bag. Energy consumption is reduced owing to the system’s intelligent power management, low moving mass and decreased dependence on conveyors.

Unlock the potential
ADAPTO BAGSTORE not only meets the current challenges facing airports, but also unlocks a range of additional opportunities. This is because it is central to Vanderlande’s BAGFLOW end-to end approach regarding baggage automation.

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