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Temporary storage – or buffering of baggage – makes an essential contribution to an efficient baggage handling process. Airports can choose from a wide range of future proof solutions. From fully automated systems with BAGSTORE, offering fast access to stored bags, combined with BAGLOAD robot loading, to semi-automated lane storage with manual loading. In all cases, Vanderlande’s innovative pull concept will significantly improve efficiency.

These automated systems can also make use of dedicated conveyor lanes for buffering. Accumulating belt conveyors are used to store bags or tubs in a configurable number of lanes, and bags can be categorised per flight, class or time slot. By applying dedicated controls (early) bags can be retrieved based on time priority. Bags for individual flights or groups of flights with the same departure time are buffered together.

Vanderlande’s systems allow for peak shaving, so operators are not faced with impossible workloads at the busiest times of the day. They can work efficiently at a steady rate, instead of dealing with constantly varying bag flows. The baggage buffer also enables flight make-up positions to be opened later than the check-in opening times. This significantly increases productivity per square metre, as the same make-up positions can be used for more flights.

Our other Bag storage products

Bag storage


BAGSTORE is Vanderlande’s system for temporary baggage storage, using proven automatic storage and retrieval system technology.

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Bag storage


ADAPTO BAGSTORE is a unique shuttle-based automated system with built-in sorting capabilities.

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