Robotic depalletising

Unload pallets fast with our robotic solutions

Robotic depalletising is incredibly fast compared to manual unloading. Such systems are designed to handle almost all pallet configurations, product mixes and packaging types. They also eliminate ergonomic, safety and labour availability issues that come with manual unloading processes.

How does it work

Effective and efficient unloading starts with the characteristics of each and every item on the pallet. Our automated training stations capture these via smart cameras, dynamic weighting and knowledge databases. The software builds a library of objects and determines the optimal unloading method and picking information.

This is translated into crystal clear instructions for our depalletising robots, so they know how to unload the pallets quickly. In addition, algorithms determine the optimal balance between speed and care. The result is a highly efficient depalletising operation.

A range of benefits

Our robot depalletising solutions provide:

  • reduced manual labour requirements and dependency
  • increased throughput, line speed and overall efficiency
  • and scalability by adding additional robots when needed.

Like to know more?

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.

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The decant workstation is the inbound loading point, where items or inner packs are removed from their original shipping containers and placed into totes – ready for automated storage.

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Semi-automated depalletising

Our depalletising workstations lift the product layer off the pallet at exactly the right height, so that the operator can smoothly move the product with minimal lifting. The result: fast work, limited risk of damage – and healthy, happy operators.

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