.M Conveyor range

The multi-talented conveyor system

Warehousing operations need reliable and cost-effective automated storage, order-picking and sortation systems – no surprise there. However, for smooth operations, you also need to consider the internal transport solutions that connect all these logistic processes.

Let us introduce you to our .M conveyor range – designed specifically to meet every requirement of the modern warehouse.

These conveyors combine three technologies – belt, roller and multibelt conveyors – to transport any product type. They have also been designed to allow for future adjustments to the system to match your changing business requirements. It’s a great way to optimise the value of your initial investment.

Get ready for savings

Our .M conveyor range provides the following benefits:

The .M conveyors have already been installed by number of major companies, including Tommy Hilfiger and Tesco.

Like to know more?

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.

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