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Order picking – also known as order fulfilment – is the process of retrieving products from storage in order to meet a specific customer demand. Processing orders rapidly and accurately has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Selecting the best order-picking solution depends on the requirements of individual operations and products. Vanderlande’s experience and expertise in designing and implementing these systems takes into consideration such criteria as volume and item velocity.

Integrated order-picking solutions ensure each product is picked via the most suitable method. Attention will also be given to whether they will handle individual items, full cases or pallets. Vanderlande has already supplied these solutions to companies such as Amazon and Arrow Electronics.

Automated order-picking systems can:

  • increase productivity by up to 1,000 lines per man hour
  • improve picking accuracy by up to 99.99%
  • help to deliver higher customer service levels
  • optimise space utilisation by up to 40% (compared to conventional warehouses).

Our Picking products


Automated tote picking

Automated tote picking can significantly lower operational costs and improve store-friendly delivery. Totes are not stored in traditional racking, but in automated storage and retrieval systems.

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Goods-to-Picker workstation

Vanderlande’s multipurpose Goods-to-Picker workstations offer a range of ergonomic and future-proof functionalities. The modular setup supports different business and order profiles.

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Smart Item Robotics

Vanderlande has developed smart item robotics (SIR) to help omni-channel warehousing companies to run their operations more efficiently.

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