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Vanderlande’s multipurpose Goods-to-Picker workstations offer a range of ergonomic and future-proof functionalities. The modular setup supports different business and order profiles, and the solution can be customised to meet individual needs.

The Goods-to-Picker facilitates a high order-picking performance and reduces errors to almost zero. It has been designed to keep the picking process simple and integrate seamlessly with Vanderlande’s order fulfillment solutions, such as the shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) ADAPTO.

Picking can be done directly into transport and storage units (TSUs), such as cartons, totes, envelopes or Jiffy bags. Orders can then be sent directly to an automatic carton closer or packing area for other value-added services (VAS) to be included.

Ergonomic design

Horizontal picking at one level offers excellent ergonomic conditions and enables operators to maintain high productivity for sustained working periods. In addition, inexperienced operators can reach the desired performance level as quickly as possible.

The Goods-to-Picker workstation also features optional height-adjustable platforms and ergonomic mats, while the easy-to-use touchscreen interface is supported by Vanderlande’s intelligent VISION software.


To keep pace with future demand, the Goods-to-Picker workstations can be equipped with Vanderlande’s Smart Item Robot (SIR) solution. This permits a step-by-step upgrade to high-performance item picking and reduces the dependence on manual labour.

Performance is dependent on SKU type and must be assessed before any installation.


Easy one-to-one picking.


Picking can be done directly into TSUs.


Vanderlande’s Smart Item Robotics (SIR) solution can be added later.

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