Auto Induct

Optimising small parcel handling through robotic singulation

The parcel industry is facing increasingly complex challenges. These include labour shortages affecting courier, express and parcel (CEP) companies worldwide, as well as a significant increase in the variety of package sizes that need to be handled.

Auto Induct was designed to automate the singulation process and operate in harmony with your workforce by handling traditional and repetitive tasks. This smart solution also allows you to increase the flexibility and scalability of your operations, while expanding capacity.

Developed to automate the singulation of small parcels from a 3D bulk flow, Auto Induct boasts unique capabilities. It is equipped with a forwarding line for both non-pickable items and “double picks” to reduce the need for human intervention and automatically correct system mistakes. This helps to bring the overall pick capacity to 1,500 parcels per hour (pph).

Relying on artificial intelligence and smart programming, Auto Induct integrates features such as:

  • automatic pick position detection
  • automatic profiling and classification of parcel type, size and/or material
  • and package placement verification.

Together, these innovations ensure that each parcel goes through the singulation and sortation process in the most effective, accurate way possible.

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Reduced dependency on labour

Improved handling of fluctuating loads

Consistent performance and capacity

Reduced operational expenses

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