POSISORTER for irregulars

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Vanderlande’s POSISORTER is renowned for the sortation of regular parcels, but with a few modifications it can also be used to sort irregular items. Due to the gradual sortation and controlled acceleration, it is possible to sort a large variety of goods that cannot be handled on other sorting systems, such as carpet rolls, tyres and odd-shaped or unstable items.

The degree of conveyability is directly linked to the required capacity – more irregular packages can be handled when the capacity is lower. The POSISORTER can be integrated into an overall system, in which the risk of product jams or damage is minimised at every transition point. In combination with specially designed outputs, this delivers a risk-free operation with the required buffering. The POSISORTER offers:

  • capacity to sort up to 4,000 irregular parcels per hour
  • soft impact sortation
  • modular, compact design
  • high reliability and low MTTR due to the quick release carrier
  • inclusive local safety checks.