ADAPTO is a unique 3D, shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with built-in sorting and sequencing capabilities. It offers unrivalled flexibility and helps you to adapt to changing market dynamics.


Through multidirectional movement and sequencing, ADAPTO delivers goods in the appropriate order to the correct picking station. Therefore, the order fulfilment is fast and accurate. This facilitates same-day deliveries, which is ideal for the e-commerce market.

ADAPTO requires a limited initial investment. As and when a DC needs to change in the future, its adaptive and scalable configuration makes it possible to expand on a ‘step-by-step’ basis. Additional aisles can be added while the system is operational. If order volumes grow, more shuttles can be deployed to cope with extra demand.

In addition, storage capacity and throughput can be scaled independently, which helps you to keep any future investments in line with your individual requirements. The modular design makes optimal use of all existing space within your DC, regardless of shape or size.


  • Lean infrastructure:
    built-in sorting and sequencing with multidirectional shuttles, and no requirement for additional equipment to create redundancy.
  • Flexibility:
    throughput and storage are independently scalable, and ADAPTO facilitates modular applications.
  • Maximum availability:
    no single point of failure and shuttles can be maintained offline.

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