Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE Miniload is ideal for storing cartons, totes and trays in an exceptionally energy-efficient way. This crane-and-rail system is ideal for businesses in the fashion and general merchandise sectors that need to store incoming goods before they are moved into the general logistics system. Thanks to its height of up to 24 metres, floor space is utilised in an optimal way.

Energy efficient operation

QUICKSTORE MINILOAD comes with a number of energy-saving measures as standard. An energy regeneration system allows the braking energy of one motor to be immediately transferred to another. In addition, order intake speed control software helps to slow down the system’s operation during quieter periods. Thanks to state-of-the art algorithms this software is capable of optimising and minimising movements made by the system.

An Energy Storage Unit can be added on to the standard package. This innovation will allow warehouses to reduce overall energy use by up to 36%. Additionally, a system installed with this unit requires less power infrastructure, such as cables and transformers.

Key benefits of QUICKSTORE MINILOAD include:

  • significant energy savings for users of up to 36%
  • state-of-the-art algorithms for optimised movements in the system
  • optimal use of floor space thanks to its height of up to 24 metres
  • a high throughput with a speed of 5 metres per second, boosting productivity.


QUICKSTORE – the greenest Miniload

QUICKSTORE answers growing demand for sustainable solutions. At Vanderlande, we’re committed to shaping a sustainable future, together with our customers.

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